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Avium is Certified to ISO 9001Avium
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Certified to
ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001:2008
Accredited Professionals

To receive ISO (International Standards Organization) 9001:2008 accreditation, Avium maintains the highest standards. This is achieved through stringent quarterly audits and maintaining professional standards. When you appoint Avium to maintain your car park and grounds, you can be sure of a quality service backed by and ISO accreditation.

All procedures are fully documented, and staff are trained in every aspect of grounds maintenance. With Avium, you are guaranteed a well managed and reliable service.

Many companies have their image tarnished by unreliable grounds maintenance. Don’t get caught out; contact Avium today on 01793 729999 or send an email for a service you can trust.

Avium's clients include:

Comprehensive Car Park Maintenance for Swindon

Your company’s car park is part of your public image. A well maintained car park shows you to be professional and is appreciated by your visitors and your staff.

Whether you need a one-off face-lift or car park equipment and supplies, Avium can help with:

First impressions last! Make sure you send the right message to everyone using your car park. Get in touch today by phoning 01793 729999 or send an email to find out how Avium can help with your car park maintenance.

Line painting and marking

Clearly marked lines make sure your car park is used to capacity. When repainting faded lines or starting from scratch, Avium’s line marking services make sure your car park is used efficiently and safely.

With coloured epoxy for concrete and thermoplastic for tarmac, Avium line painting and marking is suitable for all surfaces. Whether you need car park lines, disabled parking bays, hatching, or pedestrian walk ways, Avium can deliver.

Line painting is an essential part of your car park maintenance. Call Avium today on 01793 729999 or send an email to find out more.

Car park signage

Clear signage helps you manage your car parking space efficiently. Avium can provide you with a range of car park signs. Should you need something out of the ordinary, Avium will be pleased to advise you on bespoke signage for your company car park.

Barriers and bollards

Car park barriers and bollards can be difficult to find, particularly if you have special requirements. Avium supplies and fits both barriers and bollards as part of its car park maintenance services. What’s more, if your existing barriers need cleaning or painting, Avium can help give them a new lease of life too.

Smoking and cycle shelters

Avium supplies, fits and maintains both smoking and cycle shelters for companies in the Swindon area. With many people opting to cycle to work nowadays, safe and secure bicycle storage is essential. Smokers standing outside your doors can be damaging to your reputation. Providing a dedicated smoking shelter will shelter the smokers and look more professional. Contact Avium today for cycle and smoking shelter installation and maintenance prices. You can phone on 01793 729999 or email your enquiry.

Speed ramps supply and installation

Speed ramps can help keep pedestrians safe in your car park. Avium can also construct concrete and tarmac speed ramps as well as supplying rubber and PVC ramps.

Grit bins and grit and salt supplies

Don’t let bad weather catch you out! Having adequate supplies of salt and grit could prevent your business from grinding to a halt in icy and snowy weather. Speak to Avium about the supply and installation of grit bins, as well as your salt and grit supplies.

Outdoor cleaning and maintenance

A clean, tidy car park makes sure you are creating a good first impression. Fly tipping is a problem for many companies, making car parks a health and safety hazard, as well as looking unsightly. Avium is a fully licensed waste carrier, and can remove waste on a one-off or ongoing basis.

Build ups of moss and algae is a health and safety hazard and makes your premises look poorly maintained. Walkways can become slippery and unsafe if moss and algae is not removed. Make regular jet washing part of your outdoor maintenance schedule.

Graffiti poses a serious threat to your company’s reputation. It must be removed quickly. Avium provides a graffiti removal service to make sure your reputation is protected. Don’t make the wrong impression. Call Avium today on 01793 729999 or send an email for a competitive outdoor cleaning and maintenance quotation.

Weed control

Avium has all the necessary licenses for chemical and pesticide treatment, making sure your car park stays weed free. Its experienced team treats all types of weeds, including Japanese knot weed. With Avium, you are in the hands of an experienced, safe, and reliable car park maintenance contractor.

Car park and street furniture painting

Keep your car park looking as professional as the rest of your site with Avium’s street furniture painting service. Scratches and scrapes are unsightly and create a poor first impression. And don’t forget: if your lamp posts and other car park or street furniture need replacing, Avium supplies, installs, and paints, ensuring your car park looks professional and cared for.

Maintenance supplies and equipment

Whatever equipment your site requires, Avium can provide and install it. When you need signs, speed ramps, grit bins, salt supplies or other car park supplies, contact Avium.

For top quality car park maintenance in the Swindon area, contact Avium Grounds Maintenance and boost your company’s image. Call today on 01793 729999 or email your car park maintenance enquiry.