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Car Park Maintenance & Repairs

Car park maintenance and repairs throughout Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and beyond.

Make a great first impression

Keeping your Car Park in Pristine Condition

We understand the importance of maintaining a clean, tidy, and well-signposted car park to create a positive impression for visitors while ensuring the safety of both vehicle owners and pedestrians.

Car Park Surface Repairs and Maintenance

At Avium, we specialise in a wide range of car park maintenance services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our skilled team can effectively repair tarmac, block paving, drain covers, and virtually any hard surface within your car park. Whether it’s damage caused by tree roots, subsidence, or vehicles, we can help.

Safety First: Anti-Slip Solutions

Ensuring the safety of pedestrians, especially during winter months, is a top priority. That’s why we offer anti-slip solutions for walkways, steps, and vulnerable areas such as drain covers. Our expert application of anti-slip products helps mitigate the risk of accidents and enhances safety within your car park environment. Additionally, we can replace or repair damaged lampposts, barriers, bollards, and railings to maintain a secure space for all users.

Combatting Unsightly Issues

From moss and algae buildup to graffiti removal, Avium Car Park Services has you covered. Our jet washing services effectively eliminate slippery moss and algae, not only improving safety but also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your car park. Graffiti removal is another area of expertise, ensuring that your premises maintain a professional appearance at all times.

Comprehensive Maintenance Solutions

At Avium, we pride ourselves on offering a complete car park maintenance solution. Whether you require cleaning, maintenance, or car park repairs, our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way. Contact us for more information.

Additionally, we have a specialised division within our company focusing on commercial grounds maintenance, providing a holistic approach to property upkeep. Please visit www.avium-grounds-maintenance.co.uk. Avium Car Park Services be your trusted partner in maintaining safe, functional, and visually appealing car parks.

  • Tarmac repairs
  • Block paving repairs
  • Kerb stone replacement
  • Resin bond
  • Graffiti- removal
  • Fire hydrant marker post replacement
  • Drain cover replacement
  • Lamp post repairs
  • Lamp post replacement
  • Lamp post bulb replacement
  • LED floodlighting
  • Road sweeper hire /Gully cleaning
  • Jet washing
  • Painting
  • Weed spaying
  • Moss/algae treatments
  • Anti-slip products
  • Commercial grounds maintenance

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